Q’eswachaka 2014, a repost

Reposted from The Last Bridge Master.

This has been an incredible year and it all culminated with the amazing annual bridge rebuilding of the Q’eswachaka. Having lived so much of this year alongside Victoriano, the Bridge Master, it was a completely different experience to go through the festival with him this year. Last year’s bridge building was impressive and fascinating, but this year, we were with him every step of the process. We walked from his hut down the mountain with him every morning, to where the community, now full of familiar faces, was gathering.

I can’t describe how it felt to be greeted by name by so many people from Huinchiri throughout the 3 days the bridge was woven. I feel such a sense of fellowship here. To be stopped by the village leaders on the highway as the men twist the cables so they can shake my hand… To see the people who I have shared meals with waving at me from the edge of the gorge as the handrails are being pulled across… To have the woman who calls me her family stop as she arrives with her load of q’oya grass to give me a hug… To have the little boy down the road run up to tell me his class is about to perform their dance at the festival… My heart was so full this weekend. So very, very full.


We had the great opportunity to even meet one of our Kickstarter supporters at the bridge! Julie might even end up in the film, standing in line for her chance to cross the Q’eswachaka!

It has been so hard to leave Huinchiri and Victoriano especially. This year has been something I cannot even begin to describe. To each and every one of you who believed in our vision for this film and who have followed us every step of the way, we thank you from the bottom of our overflowing hearts.

We cannot wait for you to see the film! There is a year’s worth of footage for us to mold into a story, so we will continue to update you as we move back to the United States for our post-production phase. Thank you again!

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye


On the Brink

I’m sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport, which, even at it’s best is not the kind of place anyone would choose to spend 8 hours. But I did, because, cheap flights. So, here I am, the familiar, nauseating aroma of my son’s feet enveloping me (how does a 4-year-old have such potent foot odor?!). Also, the waiting area under the 10 seats (yes, I counted) that my family has somehow managed to sprawl ourselves across is beginning to resemble the floor of a packed out theater. Doritos, almonds, baby snacks, Skittles-it’s a smorgasbord of smashed food.

But you know what? It may as well be a daisy covered field on summer evening. I am so happy!

Because in 3 1/2 hours we will finally board our flight to Peru, and for one year, our entire crazy family will be living in the Andes Mountains while we film our documentary!

If you are just tuning into our lives, Matthew and I posted this promo video at the start of our Kickstarter campaign a few months ago. After many generous donors, and after our kids posted video here and here, we made our goal and dove right into a whirlwind of planning and grant proposals, equipment purchases and packing and now, here we are. So, in spite of a ridiculous layover, I am smiling. And breathing in that scent of adventure!  *gag*

Anyway, here we go! We are really doing this!airport