Regarding Me

How’d we lose that good that was given us? Let it slip away. Scattered it, careless. What’s keepin’ us from reaching out, touching the glory?

-Terrence Malick, Thin Red Line

P1000353This is me, doing my best not to let it slip away. This is me trying to hold the good, find the glory. Mothering, filming, reading, thinking, writing, loving, unschooling. (Our current documentary project is The Last Bridge Master and my old blog is here. And if you are interested in non-profit promo videos/fundraising check out Twenty Twenty Video).

I am Elisa, until recently living with my Peruvian/Canadian/American hybrid family in Franklinton, our little ghetto corner in Columbus, OH. But now we have lifted our sails high and caught this crazy wind that blew us south. We will be in Lima, Peru for awhile, then it’s on to the Andes and the charming, enigmatic city of Cusco, Peru. We’ll be filming a documentary there for one year, and embracing every minute of raising our kids in the richness of this place. We are…

Matthew, the stereotypical “tortured artist,” my filmmaking collaborator, love of my life and father extraordinaire.

Graciela, determined, independent, CEO of her 6-year-old world. Smartypants has her own blog too: Brainy and Footsy

Mateo, tender soul, both earnest and mischievous in his 5-year-old way. Loves creating of any kind, be it cooking, crafting or inventing.

Rosali, the most bilingual of our kiddos when we can decipher it, is stubborn and smiling and as sweet as a 2-year-old can be.

I know I can never plumb the depths of who they are. But I’m pretty sure that not to try, is to carelessly scatter what I’ve been given. So here, in this space, I’ll do my best to cling to that good. And that good looks a lot like this:




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