On the Brink

I’m sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport, which, even at it’s best is not the kind of place anyone would choose to spend 8 hours. But I did, because, cheap flights. So, here I am, the familiar, nauseating aroma of my son’s feet enveloping me (how does a 4-year-old have such potent foot odor?!). Also, the waiting area under the 10 seats (yes, I counted) that my family has somehow managed to sprawl ourselves across is beginning to resemble the floor of a packed out theater. Doritos, almonds, baby snacks, Skittles-it’s a smorgasbord of smashed food.

But you know what? It may as well be a daisy covered field on summer evening. I am so happy!

Because in 3 1/2 hours we will finally board our flight to Peru, and for one year, our entire crazy family will be living in the Andes Mountains while we film our documentary!

If you are just tuning into our lives, Matthew and I posted this promo video at the start of our Kickstarter campaign a few months ago. After many generous donors, and after our kids posted video here and here, we made our goal and dove right into a whirlwind of planning and grant proposals, equipment purchases and packing and now, here we are. So, in spite of a ridiculous layover, I am smiling. And breathing in that scent of adventure!  *gag*

Anyway, here we go! We are really doing this!airport


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